What is an L3C?

An L3C is new variation of the limited liability company (LLC). It is also known as a low-profit, limited liability company. What sets it apart from regular LLCs and other for-profit entities (i.e. corporations, partnership, etc.) is its ability to pursue charitable, educational or socially beneficial objectives as its primary motive. Although the L3C can also pursue profit-oriented objectives, they are secondary to its social goals. The L3C is a hybrid entity taking on the flexible characteristics of an LLC in combination with a low-profit socially beneficial objective.

Pueblo sustainable solutions l3c


Social Entrepreneurship

At Pueblo Sustainable Solutions, we want to empower community creativity and turn ideas into action. We also champion intellectual freedom, equitable access to information & resources, and democratic conversation. We provide access to credible sources of information, and we create networks of knowledge and exchange in our community. The creative economy is driven by passion and by aligning and connecting social entrepreneurship with resources and services available throughout our community, we foster change and a sustainable future.

Social entrepreneurship refers to the practice of identifying a societal problem and using entrepreneurial principles, such as innovation, to create and implement ventures that achieve change. At Pueblo Sustainable Solutions L3C, we engage and empower social entrepreneurship and its missions and outcomes.

We are innovators who explore new technologies and novel ideas in the relentless pursuit of excellence. Our creatives are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit which includes creativity, persistence, and passion which results in a positive return to society.