At Pueblo Sustainable Solutions L3C, we want to empower community creativity and turn ideas into action. We also champion intellectual freedom, equitable access to information & resources, and democratic conversation. We provide access to credible sources of information, and we create networks of knowledge and exchange in our community. The creative economy is driven by passion and by aligning and connecting social entrepreneurship with resources and services available throughout our community, we foster change and a sustainable future.

Social entrepreneurship refers to the practice of identifying a societal problem and using entrepreneurial principles, such as innovation, to create and implement ventures that achieve change. At Pueblo Sustainable Solutions L3C we engage and empower social entrepreneurship and its missions and outcomes.

We are innovators who explore new technologies and novel ideas in the relentless pursuit of excellence. Our creatives are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit which includes creativity, persistence, and passion which results in a positive return to society.

As our name suggests, talking about Sustainability is part of our culture. Our philosophy at Pueblo Sustainable Solutions L3C is to achieve balance between environmental, social, and economic sustainability in all decisions. By incorporating this mindset as part of our daily process, we integrate responsible practices and considerations across the spectrum of our project initiatives.

PSS Value Matrix

The PSS Value Matrix maps the values we embrace in our commitment to turn ideas into action. Our goal is to foster change and a sustainable future. These values define the criteria by which we judge the potentiality and success of each social initiative. Our matrix communicates our commitment to social entrepreneurism in a language that everyone can understand.

Here are the questions we ask ourselves and of other invested in the process of finding sustainable solutions to problem solving:

  • How will we make the community better?
  • How will we improve the lives of people?
  • Is there an underlying compelling mission?
  • Is there strong leadership?
  • Are we dealing with high quality problems?
  • What is the track record?
  • What is the legal history and precedent?
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We are chronic learners and constantly working to raise the bar on our services. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience, please let us know.

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